Welfare system

Three holiday bonuses per year (14 months’annual salary); performance bonuses (depending on yearly company and personal performance); patent R&D bonuses. 

Labor & health insurance / retirement plan

National Health Insurance and labor insurance that comply with legal requirements; retirement contribution system.
Group and self-paid dependent group insurance
Discounted premiums, deducted monthly.

Health exams

To create a safe working environment, to prevent occupational hazards & diseases, and to maintain employee physical & mental health, we arrange regular employee health check-ups.

Education and training 

New employee training; group online education & training, knowledge sharing sessions, and more; in-service study subsidy program.  

Vacation system

Annual paid leave, spousal pregnancy leave, parental leave, family care leave, menstrual leave, and more in accordance with the company’s vacation system and the Labor Standards Act. 

Parking facilities

We provide free parking for employee cars and motorcycles/scooters.

Employee benefits

Birthday bonuses, wedding/bereavement/birth benefits, childcare benefits, and scholarship system.

Employee activities

Lunar year-end party, Family Day, Mid-Autumn Festival Party, birthday gatherings, occasional afternoon snacks, and more.

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