Our History

Established in 2021, SolidEdge Solution is the leading battery material innovator in Taiwan and quickly emerges as a pioneer in conquering prevailing challenges in battery industry. SolidEdge is poised to refine the next generation of EV battery technology.Lightweight, flexible and high-energy density is the trend for the future. SolidEdge Solution is one of the few battery material developers that is able to manufacture main components: Cathode, Anode and Electrolyte in house.

Core Value


"People" is the foundation of the company. Everything should start with care, respect, understanding and trust. In addition to respecting individuals and employees, we are customer-oriented to build good relationships.

Be humble/Humility

For teamwork and to work effectively in a harmonious atmosphere, we must realize that "an individual is part of a team". Only by maintaining a humble attitude can we learn new knowledge.

Continuous innovation/Never Enough

Breakthroughs are possible. Keep a flexible attitude. Do not compromise if the desired effect is not achieved. Keep looking for the next new method.

1+1 > 2. Synergy

Through knowledge sharing, combine the individual value of two or more different businesses, activities or processes to create a greater overall value

Our Mission


SolidEdge's mainly develops new solid-state lithium battery products, including solid electrolyte, solid electrolyte film, high voltage cathode, and silicon carbon cathode. SolidEdge also actively cooperates with industry and academia to expand its material and technology development territory.

Join Our Team

SolidEdge offers customers a full range of solid-state lithium battery solutions, integrating upstream material development and downstream cell integration technologies.
In addition, SolidEdge provides clients customizations in standardized modules.